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How the Distressed Company Alert Works

Alert categories and what we go through to produce the Distressed Company Alert

The goal of the Distressed Company Alert is to help our subscribers achieve success by identifying and monitoring companies that are experiencing financial distress.

The Distressed Company Alert helps its subscribers:

  • Find new customers
  • Uncover long and short-selling opportunities
  • Monitor financially distressed companies
  • Find debts that are at risk of default or bankruptcy
  • To produce the Distressed Company Alert, each day the experienced staff at New Generation Research puts their 25+ years of corporate bankruptcy research experience to work and searches all available sources of information on companies to identify those elements that reflect distress.

    To ensure that the content of the Distressed Company Alert is presented in the most pragmatic format, we group information into the clearly defined “Alert Categories” listed below. The result is an offering that gives subscribers everything they need to respond accordingly.



    A missed interest or principal payment on a debt obligation or the election of a company to not make a payment during or after the grace period.

    Covenant Violation

    A violation of a covenant in an agreement or indenture governing a debt obligation.

    Audit Concern

    A going concern qualification is reported by the company’s certified accountants in an annual report.


    Low Rating

    A major ratings agency has downgraded a company’s publicly traded debt to below a “B” rating, indicating vulnerability to default.

    Debt at Significant Discount

    The Company’s public debt trades with a current yield or yield-to-maturity in excess of ten points over long-term Treasury bond rate.

    Preferred Dividend Omission

    The Company has omitted a dividend on its preferred stock.


    Distressed Debt Exchange

    A debt exchange where the principal amount or interest rate is significantly reduced because the issuer is having difficulty meeting the original terms.


    The Distressed Company Alert editors determine a recent event represents distress or challenges the future prospects of the company.

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