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Who Uses the Distressed Company Alert ?

Our subscribers cut across a broad range of industries.

The goal of the Distressed Company Alert is to identify companies that are experiencing financial distress and to save subscribers time, energy and resources by taking the legwork out of the process of staying on top of troubled companies.


Our subscribers come from companies of all different sizes and industries, from boutique consulting firms that specialize in fine tuning specific aspects of a company’s balance sheet to Fortune 500 manufacturing firms. Some subscribers use the Distressed Company Alert because it saves them money, while others use it because it saves them time; either way there is no denying that there is no other publication out there that provides so much for so little.

How Subscribers use the DCA

Here are some examples of how subscribers use the Distressed Company Alert

How Subscribers use the DCA

The Distressed Company Alert helps subscribers work more efficiently by packaging up and providing information that would otherwise be time consuming and expensive to gather.


Investment professionals, from small money management firms to large hedge and mutual fund firms, use the Distressed Company Alert as a tool to help them identify investment opportunities. Investment managers interested in distressed and/or turnaround opportunities will use the Distressed Company Alert as a resource to uncover both long and short investment opportunities… whether it is stocks, bonds or bank debt. Distressed investors are typically looking for companies that may be on the brink of bankruptcy or companies that are a turnaround opportunity or they are looking for companies that cannot turnaround and will have to file for bankruptcy and the Distressed Company Alert helps them find both. The investment community appreciates the Distressed Company Alert because it conveniently combines those important distress factors with the balance sheet and income statement data to facilitate investment strategizing.

Credit Risk Assessment

It is critical for companies of all sizes and industries to perform ongoing credit risk assessments of their customers, prospects and vendors as unchecked problems in this area can come back to bite you. Depending on the size of the company there may be a specific department responsible for this or it may be a function that is rolled into another department like accounting or account management. Either way someone needs to keep an eye on the credit status of these groups to make sure they will be able to meet their responsibilities and pay their bills. The Distressed Company Alert is used by hundreds of credit analysts because of the convenience it offers by combining multiple data points under one publication. It is the perfect “at a glance” tool for staying on top of which companies are experiencing some sort of distress and becoming a possible credit risk for their company.

Loan Originators

Banks and lending institutions are always on the lookout for companies with potential needs for capital and the Distressed Company Alert is one of the resources they use. Companies experiencing distress quite often need an influx of cash to help get them through a challenging period and asset-based lenders want to be there to offer solutions.

Accounting and Bankruptcy Servicing

The Distressed Company Alert is used to help support these firms by offering timely, accurate and cost-effective services and solutions. The Distressed Company Alert is used to monitor the financial health of existing clients as it is important for these firms to be intimately familiar with all aspects of their client operations so they are able to identify up-sell opportunities within their existing client base. The marketing department of these firms also use the Distressed Company Alert to identify potential new customers as they want to be ahead of the curve and offer up solutions to financial problems before they balloon into something that might result in the company filing for bankruptcy.

Restructuring Professionals and Turnaround Consultants

Restructuring professionals and turnaround consultants provide performance improvement, turnaround and interim management, restructuring, bankruptcy and financial advisory services. They are always on the lookout for companies that are experiencing financial distress or are showing signs of filing for bankruptcy so they can be the first on the scene to offer their solutions. They will use the Distressed Company Alert to help them find debtors, creditors or banks and other lending institutions that are in need of their services. Many of these restructuring and turnaround firms will have a site license that allows them to post each issue of the DCA to their company intranet site so it can be accessed by all necessary employees.


Manufacturing firms will use the Distressed Company Alert, among other things, as a tool to identify potential assets to buy. If an appropriate company appears far enough along the path to bankruptcy, firms will devise a strategy to approach them to talk to them about purchasing some of their assets… it allows these firms to get assets “on the cheap.”

Business Service Providers

Business service providers use the Distressed Company Alert as a lead generator. In the temporary staffing industry, for example, when a company is experiencing some problems financially, they typically will be looking to outsource some of their work as a move to reduce labor expenses… this is where a temporary staffing company will move in and offer their services.


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